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Independent, unbiased investigations and legal services, delivered on time with defined takeaways and outcomes.

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Leading expert advice in

Workplace Health and Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Assurance

Your regulatory, business and cultural landscape are unique. We appreciate that and work with you to create a solution that suits your business. Make sure all personnel in your organisation go home safely by working with a team dedicated to the specific needs of your business. At SafeAssure we keep your business and corporate reputation safe and protected by connecting investigations and rapid crisis response with effective risk management solutions.

Legal Expert Advice

We supply teams of expert witnesses to support your case ethically and honestly.

Incident Investigations

Best-in-class investigators that deliver actionable insights and outcomes that reduce ongoing risk.

WorkCover – Common Law and Public Liability

Managing worker’s compensation and public liability claims, saving you time and money.

Legal Expert Advice

When things go wrong, it’s essential your organisation must be prepared. Expert witnesses and testimony can make or break your case, which is why we have spent years ensuring our clients have the right expert teams, advice, reports and testimony as early as possible.

Expert witnesses play a critical role in the determination of many disputes. Regardless of which party is briefing us, our role is to provide relevant and impartial evidence in our area of expertise. This will assist the Court in reaching a conclusion in the proceedings. Our highly qualified team provides expert witness services when in-depth, accurate and convincing reports are called upon. As with everything we do, we work with honesty, respect and openness, for your complete peace of mind. All expert witness services offered are delivered in compliance with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.

Incident Investigations

When an incident happens, you want to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible. SafeAssure has been involved in incident investigations for over two decades. Our skilled investigators can assist your organisation in identifying the root cause of the incident, and with guidance and support, design and develop preventative action programs to eliminate the hazards and risks. Then champion significant change throughout your organisation and its processes to reduce ongoing risk.

We regularly receive instructions to conduct factual investigations into serious workplace incidents, thanks to our partnerships with many legal firms across Australia representing the PCBU, WorkCover Queensland, defendants and self-insurance clients.

SafeAssure has delivered investigations for:

• Personal and public injuries
• Serious injuries
• Dangerous events
• Plant and equipment damage
• Harassment and bullying
• Sexual harassment
• Fatalities

We utilise a range of different methodologies, of which the ICAM process is predominantly requested or adopted.

Our employees and contractors have experience in a wide variety of incident investigations. They have also implemented these skills across all Australian regulators and legislation, and incidents are being assessed for compensation liability under different insurance schemes. As a result of our industry experience, SafeAssure can provide detailed investigations that analyse aspects of the incident that may not previously have been considered. We believe our investigation services are unparalleled in the industry.

WorkCover – Common Law and Public Liability

When it comes to compensation and insurance, the big key performance indicators are number of claims, overall cost of claims, and annual premium amount. Working with SafeAssure to manage your workers’ compensation and Public Liability claims will see you enjoy fewer serious claims, less cost to the claim, and a reduction in annual premiums. We save you time and money.

Our consultants, rehabilitation and return-to-work coordinators are tenacious and thorough. They ensure each claim is closed rapidly with the best possible outcome for both the employer and the injured worker. Our relationships with stakeholders in the rehabilitation, return-to-work and medical fields also guarantee you get the right advice, in the right timeframe.