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Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence. Only in constant improvement and constant change.
– Tom Peters

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At SafeAssure we are motivated to create leaders with the skills to maximise productivity and safety in the workplace. Leaders who care. The greatest demonstration of care is a safe healthy workplace. The role of the leader is to inspire, motivate and challenge their organisation to set the right environment for continual improvement. This can only be achieved with the right culture. One that embraces employee engagement and sustains an environment where safety matters and employees choose to exemplify these core values through their daily activities.


A training arm of SafeAssure. Specialising in the delivery of leadership, culture and team development training programs, tailor-made to meet the specific needs of our client organisations.

SafeAssure Signature Training Programs

SafeAssure is proud to have developed industry standard Leadership and Culture training programs, which ensure leaders are equipped to deal with the varying situations and challenges that occur in the workplace.

Whether it is an employee stepping up to a supervisor role, or a current manager looking to further develop their leadership skills, SafeAssure’s programs and coaching services are suitable for a diverse range of professionals across many industries.

Protect and Respect

Our Protect and Respect Safety and Health Culture Program focusses on the concept of requiring leadership and workers to embrace and demonstrate the following values (all tailored to suit your organisation):

• Work safely
• Safe expectations
• Positive relationships
• People first
• Trust

This flagship program encompasses some introductory elements from each of the Leadership is a Choice and Workplace Communications programmes – which are also delivered as standalone packages. These provide staff with specific skills they can immediately implement into the workplace.

Leadership is a Choice

The Leadership is a Choice Culture Program focuses on teaching your frontline managers how to lead by example, and provides leaders with the skills to affect change within the teams they lead. Each participant gets immediate education that resonates with them personally and receives strategies to take away and implement. These strategies are not complex and are usually limited to less than 5.

The course is run for a maximum of 12 people and each commit to the following:

• Participation and engagement in the 1-day course
• To take away the strategies discussed and attempt to implement into their regular days’ activities
• Discuss progress honestly with our consultant who will follow up with each participant two weeks after the course, as well as monthly for a further two months following

At the end of the follow-up period, SafeAssure communicates with management on the success of the course, areas of improvement, and future work that could assist in engraining the leadership strategies and workplace culture. Furthermore, a discussion is held with Senior Leadership as to the forums and avenues in which they can internally follow up and drive these improvements.

Workplace Communications

SafeAssure has developed a half-day Workplace Communications course that focuses on the delivery of consultation forums – specifically the Daily Prestart Meeting. This forum is extremely important to ensure engagement with workers, set the tone for the day and really communicate what is important in a two-way discussion.

Our strategies identify the ways in which Site Managers and other leaders can improve effectiveness and efficiency in meetings to deliver the best possible outcome. This is a half-day course with at least two follow-up contacts with participants. The follow-ups are conducted in one of two ways – phone calls or site visits. SafeAssure trainers also provide coaching and support for your WHS Managers, who can then attend a Prestart Meeting and check on improvement and overall communication effectiveness.

These leadership services are based on current and experienced research and delivered by senior consultants with extensive management and leadership backgrounds.