Solving specific business challenges and supporting clients with expertise you don’t currently have in-house.

Our Services

Pragmatic solutions to help

Meet your operational requirements

Here at SafeAssure, our consultants work closely with clients in a variety of areas including systems development and technology implementations, processes and performance improvement, operational support and advice, and strategy-setting at the corporate level.

Years of experience ensure we can quickly understand how your business operates and provide solutions that enhance your organisation’s culture. Each solution is tailored to meet the exact needs of your business. Our consultants also provide practical, efficient operational systems to help you easily implement and manage the solutions we provide.

Management Systems

A balanced approach to systems management focused on developing, implementing, reviewing and maintaining your compliance systems including Health and Safety, Environment and Quality.


A one-stop-service for residential builders providing key safety information, documentation and training to ensure your business is safety compliant.

Systems Advice & Support

We stay at the forefront of evolving legislation and regulations across Australia so you don’t have to, keeping your organisation safe and protected.

Management Systems

The landscape in international accreditation standards is changing, making it complicated for companies to meet compliance requirements. We partner with you to take the stress out of achieving or retaining compliance with national and international standards and accreditation schemes, including AS4801, ISO9001, ISO14001.

If you don’t need any third-party accreditation, but want to develop systems that drive success for your organisation, our team of consultants can also help achieve your goals. From setting up goals and objectives to making sure your system meets targets. We make sure your systems will be successful and all legal bases are covered.


Ensuring you meet health and safety requirements on any project is stressful. Let alone worrying about the consequences when you get it wrong! For over ten years we have worked with clients in both residential and commercial industries to support projects big and small.

With our ResiSafe packages, you become a part of our network. Our team of construction health and safety specialists guide you to a finished project while minimising risk. We partner with you to provide proactive assistance during on-site audits, tailor-made management plans and full-time on call support during all project stages. Think of us as ‘coaches rather than cops.’

ResiSafe packages include:

• Preliminary safety consultation with the Builder to discuss project scope
• Tailored Fact Finder to assess the workplace health and safety needs of your business
• Individual consultation with one of our experienced Safety Officers to discuss the Fact Finder results and review a typical construction project
• Provision of electronic documentation templates
• Face-to-face training with staff regarding the WHS Plan
• Within four weeks of providing the documentataion, one day of onsite inspections are scheduled to review projects and assist with implementation of the documents
• Free phone advice for Builder and staff

Systems Advice and Support

Developing strategies for risk identification, management and compliance in Australia is an ongoing challenge. Our specialist consultants provide evidence-based and legislation-considered technical advisory services to ensure your workers and employees enjoy the greatest level of health and safety.

You want to make sure any advice received adds real value to your organisation and overall culture. We are sensitive to the complexities of organisational management (both internal and external), the impact management systems have on achieving results, and the challenges of mitigating risks and creating competitive advantage in challenging markets.

When working with us, you can be sure your legislative risks are being taken care of. Particularly with regards to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, and the applicable codes of practice applying to those with a duty of care in the circumstances described in the codes and regulations. We are also intimately aware of the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian and international standards.

We provide our advisory services in three ways:

• One-off appointment
• On-going retained services agreement
• Provision of a Consultant for a short-term engagement within your company to back-fill man-power shortages

Our SafeAssure consultants can meet your needs, wherever they lie.