Business Analysis & Due Diligence

Protecting your organisation from legal, reputational and financial liabilities.

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Reducing risk and improving efficiency

Let the team at SafeAssure assist in setting up a diligent review process for PCBUs or companies working under your control. We work together to review your business and answer the tough questions necessary to execute a transaction or mitigate major risk.

Due Diligence

Helping you identify value drivers, challenge assumptions and mitigate risks now and into the future.

Business Analysis

Make informed decision with insights on operational inefficiencies and clear strategies to improve efficiency.

Legislative Requirements as a PCBU

Let the SafeAssure team assist in setting up a diligent review process for PCBUs or companies working under your control.

Due Diligence

For business owners and executive teams, due diligence is an essential part of any smart management process. In its simplest form it involves the exercise of reviewing a business holistically to understand known and potential risks. At SafeAssure, our due diligence consultants provide assessments against the commercial, financial, tax, human resources, operational and information technology aspects of your business. We help you identify value drivers, challenge assumptions about future performance and mitigate risks.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to due diligence. Instead, we craft a tailored scope of work to suit the specific needs of your business. Each interaction is designed to identify risks and issues that will assist you in making informed decisions.

While it might be tempting to undertake a simplified approach, engaging independent experts with specific experience in this area can prove invaluable. Our team specialises in drawing out answers based on years of experience and expertise. We focus on value creation by conducting deep analysis of the market landscape, securing customers’ perspectives, assessing the competitive dynamics, auditing operations, reviewing the plan for the business, and developing a comprehensive risk matrix and management plan.

Our credibility as a neutral observer in the marketplace, with deep analytical capabilities, can add immediate value to your organisation.

Business Analysis

There may be times in the evolution of your organisation that a detailed review of your inner workings and cultural alignment are required to achieve the objectives of the board of directors. This is where we come in.

Our business analysts listen to your challenges. They help define what business analysis is required to achieve your ideal outcomes, then tailor a service to ensure your objectives are achieved. Better decision-making is just one benefit of working with us. We help your management team make more informed decisions by analysing data and trends to identify inefficiencies in your operations and develop strategies to improve efficiency. This ultimately leads to an increase in profits.

Having worked with all organisational levels, we are confident that honest and reliable feedback can be collected from your staff. Recommendations are then provided, to improve all facets including your organisation’s reputation and public perception.

Our business analysts can support you with:

• Strategic and business planning
• Business improvement
• Business resilience
• Value enhancement
• Exit and succession planning

We also offer a number of advisory services to ensure the right capabilities are in place to deliver the changes required for success. These include a range of maturity assessments, training and expert coaching from our experienced consultants and insights based on our own research into areas such as business analysis tools.

Legislative Requirements as a PCBU

Do you engage subcontractors, appoint principal contractors or project management companies throughout specific projects? If so, you need to be sure you are fulfilling your due diligence requirements and meeting all obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act. You can’t absolve yourself from these obligations. Nor can you afford for your employees and contractors not to comply with theirs. Let the SafeAssure team assist in setting up a diligent review process for PCBUs or companies working under your control. This can be as simple as helping you develop your own checklists, to carry out audits and reviews of your operations at regular intervals. We also develop training programs through partnerships with recognised legal practitioners to ensure Directors, Boards, Senior Management and Officers are aware of their duties and obligations, whilst ensuring that your systems reflect these legal requirements.