Audit & Compliance

Ensuring you audits lead to practical improvements and overall safer workplaces, while meeting compliance requirements.

Our Services

Benefit from the support of

Independent, qualified and experienced auditors

Auditing and compliance can take on many forms, and every organisation can benefit from the support of independent, qualified and experienced auditors. At SafeAssure we are focused on auditing not just for compliance, but to add genuine value to our client’s operations.

We examine your management procedures and policies to find areas where your business can save time and money by effectively, and appropriately, mitigating risks. In doing this we make a complex process straightforward and simple.

Our team of consultants and auditors also have extensive experience in the delivery of services that rely on the interpretation of numerous conformance criteria, require consultation with various workgroups and coordination of internal and external technical experts.

Compliance Audit

Independent compliance, consulting and auditing services across a wide range of industries.

Internal Audit

Objective evaluation on the effectiveness of your risk management, control and governance frameworks.

Industry Best Practice

Skilled auditing and compliance professionals equipped to deal with private and public companies of any size.

Compliance Audit

There are many reasons an organisation may require the services of a compliance expert including:

• Facing a compliance or risk challenge
• Looking to achieve industry certification or accreditation
• Looking for peace of mind that your business is meeting its compliance obligations

SafeAssure provides compliance consulting and auditing services to a wide range of industries. Under this arrangement we assist PCBU’s in ensuring due diligence obligations are met and the management systems identified and created by your organisation are being implemented accordingly.
Our innovative solutions have met the wide range of challenges that clients face. We achieve this through close collaboration with all members of the project team, including consultants, contractors, trades and artisans.

Here are just a few benefits of undertaking compliance auditing:
• Quickly identifying gaps in your systems to achieve certification
• Providing evidence for a tender or customer that your system meets their requirements
• Compliance audits are generally more affordable than accreditation, helping you manage cash flow. Once your budget allows or customers specifically require it, you can then invest in 3rd party certification
• Reduce risks organisation-wide that may have otherwise become incredibly costly

It is important to note that, often, the financial and time expenses involved in preventing risks are far less than those required to resolve them.

Internal Audit

Our services also extend to the provision of Internal Audit programs for organisations that have a statutory requirement to independently review and assess the effectiveness of their systems and controls for financial management, performance, sustainability and risk management.

We can assist your team with:

• Delivery of Internal Audits as a separable component of the full internal audit schedule
• Provision of labour to assist in the resourcing of audits developed and run by your Audit and Assurance Teams
• For Small to Medium sized businesses, SafeAssure can develop the audit program/schedule, define the parameters of each audit, refine the auditing tools and conduct audits

Our focus is on supporting the entire organisation to ensure our internal audits lead to pragmatic improvements. We provide an objective evaluation on the effectiveness of the risk management, control and governance framework of your organisation, whilst meeting legislated compliance requirements. This provides an assertion to management that all required internal controls are in place and assets are safe.

Industry Best Practice

Whatever your reason for an audit or a review, it is important you engage a skilled auditor who knows your industry, operations and ambitions. Our Auditing and Compliance professionals are equipped to deal with private and public companies of any size – integrating risk management into your business and strategic processes.

Hands-on experience has taught us how to methodically lead your organisation through extensive and complex regulatory standards unique to your business. Based on years of performing comprehensive compliance engagements, we understand how to:

• Interpret applicable rules, laws and regulations governing your industry that are often complicated and constantly changing
• Analyse your company’s policies, procedures, and operations to determine adherence to standards and identify gaps
• Provide proper mitigation solutions to help reduce costly noncompliance expenses and frustration within the organisation