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Providing safety and assurance for our clients through independent support and advice.



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Your trusted industry lifeguards, providing consulting services, advice and training since 2014

At SafeAssure, we provide wide ranging services that ensure workplaces meet their legal and regulatory requirements, while also empowering staff to deliver exceptional performance against agreed KPIs. We do this through our practical and pragmatic approach. First, we collaborate with your team to truly understand your business. Then we apply our expertise and industry knowledge to deliver outcomes that protect and progress your organisation.




Our Story

A specialist team tailoring solutions for your business

The SafeAssure team are well regarded industry experts thanks to their experience and the willingness of Managing Director, Gareth Davies, to constantly adapt and pivot to meet client’s needs. Each of our team have cut their teeth working at the ground level in different roles and industries before moving into their current specialty. Real world experience allows us to widen the field of vision, and where possible, increase our value by not being limited to the initial scope. 

Our aim at SafeAssure is find the right solution for every client’s problems regardless of industry, the type of risk or the audit discipline required. We find solutions to ensure that your risk is mitigated and the required outcomes are achieved.


Life at SafeAssure

SafeAssure is so much more than just a consultancy firm. We are a group of like minded, inclusive and conscientious individuals who work together to form a 'SafeAs' crew – helping our business partners to continuously improve the way in which they operate through risk mitigation, systems development, training and overall productivity gains.

Our people bring their own unique skill sets and knowledge to the team, and help shape the collective expertise of SafeAssure as a business. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our fantastic people, and we value that immensely. 

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow” Ronald E. Osborn  

We never want to hamper the growth of our team, instead we actively seek to support and contribute to the upskilling, information sharing and development of our employees.   

Everyone deserves to be recognised for their achievements and success. Our ‘SafeAs’ crew genuinely care about one another, so when one of us succeeds, the rest of us shout about it! As a client, partner or team member your success contributes to the success of SafeAssure. With our mission to be recognised as the preeminent consultancy in Australia, we are all about celebrating excellency.  

Our number one priority is ensuring our clients, partners and team members operate in a safe environment and have the assurance of knowing their best interests are always at the forefront. This ‘SafeAs’ mentality is at the centre of everything we do. 

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