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Reducing risk and liabilities, while creating business efficiencies

At SafeAssure, we’ve got your back. Think of us as your industry lifeguards. The partner keeping you safe, informed and compliant while you focus on the big picture. We take care of the detail so you don’t have to. Through our team of consultants we bring knowledge and expertise directly into your organisation, to deliver the level of confidence and results that only come with expert advice.

We are a pragmatic and engaging team of risk mentors, compliance coaches and improvement planning professionals. 


Consulting, Services & Training Programs

Auditing & Compliance

Detailed audits by industry experts that lead to pragmatic improvements and overall safer workplaces, while meeting legislated compliance requirements.


Independent workplace and factual investigations focused on procedural fairness, detailed inquiry and thorough analysis, protecting your business.

Professional Development

Industry leading training and coaching programs that drive behavioural and practical change, and equip your team to deal with varying workplace situations.


Providing comfort and guidance across many sectors

Management at every level needs to be sure they are fulfilling their obligations. We work closely with a diverse array of clients to ensure their staff and workplaces are meeting all legal, regulatory and internal organisational requirements.

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